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Monday, August 16, 2010

Removing/Resetting Window XP Administrator password


There are two methods to remove/reset the lost password of your PC in Windows XP e.g.

(i) By Parallel Windows installation.
(ii) By Using Password recovery CD.

By Parallel Windows installation
If you have lost your Windows XP Administrator’s Password and the only login User was Administrator on your computer’s Windows XP then Following is the Procedure to remove password for getting Access to your Computer:

1. First of all take another Hard Disk and install fresh Windows XP on it.
2. Place that new Hard Disk in the PC which contains the Windows XP which is locked.
3. Now start your Computer and Boot from the new Hard Disk (Fresh Windows XP)
4. Go to the Drive on which Locked Windows was installed.
5. Go to WINDOWS -> system32 -> config folder.
6. From config folder DELETE the file named SAM.
7. Then again go to WINDOWS -> repair folder.
8. From repair folder, copy SAM (and if SAM.Log file exists) file and paste the file (s) into WINDOWS -> system32 -> config folder.
9. You have removed your old Windows Password. (Hurrah!!!)

By Using Password recovery CD

1. Go to your Computer’s Boot Sequence change the boot from hard derives to CD.
2. Place Password Recover CD into your CD Rom.
3. Boot from CD and their will be set to recover/reset Password Setup.
4. Change your PC’s Password.

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  1. This method will help you to remove/reset windows xp admin password.



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