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Friday, October 10, 2014

Hotel Management System

Dear All,

I am offering Hotel Management System for your Hotel Reservation, Restaurant. There are satisfied clients of this HMS using this system from 2 Years.

Hotel Management System is available for Sales in Pakistan and outside Pakistan for international Clients.

Hotel Management System with source code in C-sharp is also available in affordable price. now you can get source code and build the application by own.

Please contact
Skype: khalid.rafique84
Mobile # +923335761509

Room Reservation

Reservation Inquiries

Room Services Records

Guest/Customer Registration

Companies Registration

Room Registration/Settings

Room Availability

System Users and Roles

Point Of Sale

Stock Management


  Room Rent and Taxes Report

  Services Report

  Booking By Statuses Report

  Cash Collection Report by Date

  Invoice Report Multiple

  Reservation Invoice

  Daily Sales Report By Date

  Paid Amount Report By Date

  Police Report

  Tax Reports

  Stock Report (Daily Issuances, Balance Report, Daily Purchase, Daily Cost Report

Hotel Management System .. Booking Screen

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

SQL Job for Backup Database MDF/Log File Detaching.. Copying and Attaching Files

SQL Job for Backup Database MDF/Log File Detaching.. Copying and Attaching Files

declare @cmdstring varchar(1000)
declare @cmdstring1 varchar(1000)
declare @BkpFromPath varchar(1000)
declare @BkpToPath varchar(1000)
declare @DbName varchar(100)
declare @i int

Set @DBName = 'CableBilling_DB' -- Database Name
Set @BkpFromPath = 'H:\LibraCables\Database\' -- DataBase Files location
Set @BkpToPath = 'H:\data11\' -- Destination Folder
Set @i = 15 -- back up Days

EXEC master.dbo.sp_detach_db @dbname = @DBName

set @cmdstring = 'copy '+@BkpFromPath+''+@DBName+'.mdf '+@BkpToPath+''+@DBName+'bkp'+
exec master..xp_cmdshell @cmdstring

set @cmdstring1 = 'copy '+@BkpFromPath+''+@DBName+'_log.ldf '+@BkpToPath+''+@DBName+'bkp'+convert(varchar,datepart(year,getdate()))+convert(varchar,datepart(month,getdate()))+convert(varchar,datepart(day,getdate()))+'_log.ldf'

exec master..xp_cmdshell @cmdstring1

declare @delmdfString varchar(1000)
declare @delmdfString1 varchar(1000)

WHILE @i < 50
    SET @i = @i + 1
    set @delmdfString = 'del H:\data\CableBilling_DBbkp'+convert(varchar,datepart(year,DATEADD(day,-@i,getdate())))
      set @delmdfString1 = 'del H:\data\CableBilling_DBbkp'+convert(varchar,datepart(year,DATEADD(day,-@i,getdate())))

      exec master..xp_cmdshell @delmdfString
      exec master..xp_cmdshell @delmdfString1

--declare @DbName varchar(100)
--declare @BkpFromPath varchar(100)
declare @PathWithFileNamemdf varchar(100)
declare @pathwithFileNameldf varchar(100)

--Set @DBName = 'CableBilling_DB'
--Set @BkpFromPath = 'H:\LibraCables\Database\'
Set @PathWithFileNamemdf = ''+@BkpFromPath+@DBName+'.mdf'
Set @pathwithFileNameldf = ''+@BkpFromPath+@DBName+'_log.ldf'

Set @DBName = @DbName
EXEC sp_attach_db @dbname = @DBName,
   @filename1 = @PathWithFileNamemdf,
   @filename2 = @pathwithFileNameldf

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